Adventurer non toxic biodegradable deodorant for men
the adventurer vegan cruelty free aluminum free natural organic deodorant stick

The Adventurer Natural Deodorant Stick

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Are you seeking a new way to keep your underarms dry and odor free without exposing yourself to the damaging chemicals, parabens and aluminum found in traditional commercial deodorants?

Then our popular The Adventurer Natural Deodorant Stick is just the right product for you and your family. The scent is like an outdoor adventure blended with traces of cedarwood, vanilla and freshness!

Designed and hand-made in house by our family-run natural cosmetics business, The Adventurer is the perfect solution for those who want to stay away from all the nasty stuff which is so often crammed into deodorizing products, without compromising on effectiveness.

There’s nothing unnatural in this wonderful product – just a delightful scent which evokes adventures in the great outdoors. We use all natural ingredients and fragrances and this natural deodorant is no different – it’s perfumed with traces of cedarwood, vanilla and freshness, which combine to create something truly special whatever your day may entail.

Why are we so against the usual way of creating deodorants? There are lots of reasons. Firstly, aluminum, which is added to traditional commercial deodorants to stop you from sweating, is a very unnatural additive to use on your skin. Perspiration is a natural and important way to alleviate toxins from the body, so our all natural deodorant sticks don’t block this process – but they do make sure you smell good!

How does the Adventurer Natural Deodorant Stick work?

  • We’ve added organic arrowroot powder to absorb perspiration, so you’ll feel dry without blocking your body’s ability to release toxins through sweat, the natural way.
  • We’ve also added baking soda to neutralize the odor-causing bacteria which can make underarms stinky, with added shea butter to leave skin feeling silky and moisturized.
  • Then there’s luscious coconut oil with its fantastic antibacterial properties, to naturally nullify underarm odor at the source without any of the nasty stuff found in most commercial alternatives.

Our paraben free deodorant sticks are handcrafted to be as easy and convenient to use as they are effective at making you smell great and feel confident - whatever the day brings.

All of our Pure Soap products are vegan, organic and cruelty free, allowing you to shop with confidence – and the container is BPA plastic free and a handy 2.5 oz for maximum portability.

 Whether you’re off on your latest adventure or simply slicking The Adventurer across underarms before setting off to a busy day at work, this is a natural chemical free deodorant product which can still keep up with the pace of modern life.

For best results, we recommend using The Adventurer on clean and dry underarms. Remove the cap to expose a small amount of deodorant and then hold the stick on your armpit for a few seconds before application. This is important as the product needs the natural warmth of your body to soften, ensuring a smooth and even application. Gently apply to under arms for a quantity and distribution which works for you; most of our customers find that 2-3 swipes per under arm area does the trick.

To keep your natural deodorant stick in top condition, simply store it at room temperature and away from sources of heat and natural light. Never use on open wounds or irritated skin, and let The Adventurer take care of your deodorizing needs 100% naturally.

    Ingredients: arrowroot powder*, coconut oil*, shea butter*, aluminum free baking soda*, candelilla wax. Essential oils of cedarwood, tea tree, vanilla.   *Certified organic ingredients


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