Organic Foaming Soap Refill

Organic Foaming Soap Refill

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If you love your Pure Soap foaming soap as much as we do, why not buy in bulk and give yourself weeks and weeks of uninterrupted natural cleansing? It couldn’t be easier – our natural liquid hand soap refill comes in a generous 32 oz container, so if you have a large household, a busy workplace or just want to ensure you never run out of your favourite Pure Soap, we’ve packed in no less than 4 full refills.

For the ultimate in eco convenience, you can use our organic hand soap refill to fill up your empty Pure Soap foaming soap dispenser, or another forming soap dispenser of your choice. You can pour directly from the refill container but to ensure you don’t lose even a drop of your precious natural liquid soap, we recommend you decant using a funnel to avoid spills.

Natural Hand Soap Refill

This handy organic soap refill container is filled for you with your choice of foaming hand soap from the Pure Soap collection. That means this 32oz container comes fully loaded with natural goodness and your favorite Pure Soap organic foaming soap.

As always, you can expect your refill to be free of everything artificial. There’s no parabens. The soap is cruelty free (as are all our products) and whatever fragrance you choose, the scent is all natural thanks to our use of essential oils.

Organic Hand Soap Refill

We’ve packed eight full refills into the organic soap refill container and it will be filled on demand so just click the drop down box to select your foaming soap fragrance. Choose from various different soaps:

  • The Dream Chaser: Add tropical vanilla and orange to your day with The Dream Chaser, perfect for brightening up your morning routine.
  • The Go Getter: Energize your day with a fragrant foam of zesty lemon grass and refreshing tea tree
  • The Florist: Lather up with the soothing, relaxing fragrance of lavender, sweet vanilla and tea tree
  • The Adventurer: Cedar wood, tea tree and vanilla combine to create a delightful foaming hand soap sure to transport you to the Great Outdoors with each use
  • The Woodsman: Get back to nature with a fragrant cloud of patchouli, cedar and orange
  • Tea Tree: Made with lovely Tea Tree essential oil
  • Peppermint: An invigorating, refreshing and minty foaming soap, full of peppermint natural essential oil
  • Unscented: With all of the natural goodness of our foaming soaps, but none of the fragrance, you can also opt to have an unscented natural hand soap refill
  • Lavender: Get soothing notes of lavender in bulk by ordering your organic soap refill with our relaxing lavender foaming hand soap.

*For use in a foaming hand soap dispenser only! Will not work properly in a liquid hand soap dispenser.


Natural Liquid Hand Soap Refill 

We want our natural liquid hand soap refill to be as natural and eco-friendly as possible so if you have emptied your container, you’re welcome to send it back to us to take care of the recycling. Likewise, if you have any spare foaming hand soap dispensers from previous orders, send those to us to recycle or use local facilities (all packing is recyclable).


Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, and coconut*, vegetable glycerin*, rosemary extract, essential oils.   *certified organic ingredients