Lemongrass Liquid Foaming Soap

Lemongrass Liquid Foaming Soap

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Our Lemongrass Organic Foaming Soap has been upgraded to The Go Getter Organic Foaming Soap. It pairs well with The Go Getter deodorant and lemongrass lotion

Lather up with the zesty, refreshing scent of our totally tropical Lemongrass organic foaming soap.

With luxurious foam and skin-friendly natural ingredients, this beautiful lemongrass softsoap will transport you to summer in a sniff!

When it comes to choosing a soap for you and your family’s kitchen and bathroom, we know that you need to be confident it will be kind to both the environment and delicate skin.

Earth Friendly Lemongrass Hand Soap

Lovingly mixed from earth friendly ingredients, our lemongrass hand soap takes you back to nature in the best possible way!

We don’t use any artificial ingredients, detergents or scents.

The result is a creamy, rich lather that cleanses skin and leaves hands and body feeling fresh and nourished.

Lemongrass Hand Soap

To help soften and moisturize, our lemongrass hand soap is blended with rich coconut oil and naturally sourced organic sunflower and vegetable glycerine.

We add herbs and the perfect balance of rich essential oils and let nature do the rest.

There’s no parabens, no dyes and no synthetic ingredients, just vegan friendly, cruelty free, and earth-kind ingredients!

The soap feels silky smooth on skin and won’t leave a sticky residue once rinsed.

Softsoap Lemongrass

Many of our customers love the fresh, clean scent of Lemongrass and use it in the kitchen, but it can also be used in the shower or bathroom to add a tropical citrus small and bright, fresh fragrance to your morning and evening rituals.

Ingredient: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, and coconut*, vegetable glycerin*, rosemary extract, essential oils.   *certified organic ingredients

Lemongrass: Lemongrass essential oils is one of nature’s natural wonders, and it’s been recognized as having many health benefits including being useful for relieving muscle pain.

We chose it for our organic foaming hand soap because of its cleaning properties – it is antimicrobial, kills bacteria and can be used to soothe skin irritations and inflammations.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is a store cupboard staple for health and fitness fans but, there’s much more to it than cooking oil.

Rich in nutrients, it leaves skin feeling silky soft and wonderfully moisturized.

Coconut oil is known to have natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and penetrates skin and hair to imbue bags of hydration.

Rosemary extract: We use rosemary extract in almost all of our organic liquid soaps and all natural bar soap thanks to its wonderfully enriching properties.

Kind to skin with a savory, delicate fragrance that pairs wonderfully with the sweet citrus aroma of Lemongrass, rosemary extract has anti-inflammatory and detox powers.

It can also help to smooth and even out skin tone and guard against bacteria.

Organic sunflower oil: Kind and gentle, our naturally sourced sunflower oil is wonderfully hydrating and packed with vitamins.

It’s responsible for creating the silky, foaming lather when you wash your hands with one of our organic soaps.

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