Natural Deodorant for Men and Women that works!

Read on to learn about natural deodorant, what you may experience during underarm detox and more.

 Natural Deodorant for Men and Women that works!

Now that you have our all natural deodorant, you may have questions or want to learn tips and tricks of using natural deodorant. Read on to learn more! 

First, it's very important to give your body a small amount of time (at least a week or two) to adjust from using commercially produced, aluminum deodorant to natural deodorant. During this time, you may experience the following:

  • You may be stinkier than usual
  • Your may be sweatier than normal
  • Some irritation as your body adjusts and releases the synthetic chemicals it is accustomed to
  • You experience some tenderness or sensitivity in the underarm lymph node areas

Your body will love you for switching to all natural deodorant!

If you experience the above, you are experiencing underarm detox. This period is worth it, just stick with it!

You will feel amazing knowing you are avoiding the artificial ingredients in store-bought deodorant, you are no longer clogging your pores with aluminum and the bacteria, toxins, and harsh chemicals in aluminum antiperspirants that were being trapped inside your body are being released! 

Look no further for natural deodorant that works wonderfully for men and women!

Underarm detox should not be confused with sensitivity to baking soda. However, there are a very small amount of people who are unable to adjust to using baking soda under their arms.

A rash is not part of underarm detox and is an indication that your body does not like something. It can be from shaving, contact dermatitis, essential oil sensitivity, or the pH of your skin and amount and pH of baking soda in the product. It can also be from applying too much deodorant to your underarm area so if you experience this ensure you are using only 2 - 3 swipes per underarm and see if the rash subsides after a few days.

A rash comprises of symptoms like red, itching, flaking skin. Shaving can contribute to red bumps aka contact dermatitis. Be careful how harsh you shave your delicate underarm area! Remember, you are creating small tears in your skin when shaving and applying anything directly to fresh wounds after shaving is not wise. We suggest shaving at night and applying our natural deodorant in the morning. Also, the health of your blade is super important! Change to new clean and fresh blades often. 

If an itchy irritation or rash persists after a few days there are several things you can try to see what works for you:

  1. Rebalance the pH of your underarm area by:
    1. Combining equal parts apple cider vinegar and water (a tablespoon of each should be plenty).
    2. Apply this once daily (to clean dry underarms) prior to applying our natural deodorant, holding your arms up to allow it to dry completely first.
    3. After 1-2 weeks, you can wean your underarms off the apple cider vinegar mixture. (do whatever works for you)
  2. Wash your underarm area at night then try some cortisone cream

Even if your pH balance doesn’t change, we still recommend going through the apple cider vinegar steps every 3 - 6 months to keep on top of your underarm health. Some people choose to do this even weekly. Do what works best for you.

We offer different strengths of deodorant so if an itchy irritation or rash persists after a couple weeks and you have already tried the options above that you thought might work for you, try our Sensitive Deodorant stick, which contains no baking soda. Give your body time to adjust. If you still experience issues after a few weeks, discontinue use. 

If you have sensitive skin you may want to start by using one of our  Sensitive Deodorant sticks then switch to our regular strength deodorant.

Our handmade, natural deodorant has a shelf life of 1.5 years and should be used within 6 months of being opened. 

Our Natural Deodorant should not cause staining if applied correctly.

Our products do contain an assortment of different oils, thus applying too much product or failing to allow a few minutes for the product to absorb before dressing could cause the product to transfer to clothing, which may result in staining - just like any type of body product such as lotion or cream.

We recommend you only use 2 - 3 swipes per underarm or less and wait 2-3 minutes before dressing so product has time to absorb. Some people use more swipes per underarm for extra protection and that works great for them. If you experience a rash under your arm, be sure you aren't using too much as over applying could be irritating your underarm area. Adjust as needed for what works for you!


  • Keep your underarms clean
  • Shaving can irritate sensitive skin so be sure to moisturize after shaving. Also we recommend you shave at night before bedtime to allow the skin heal a bit overnight

  • Underarm pores can get clogged, so it is a good idea to gently exfoliate the area periodically

    • Do not use scratchy accessories, like loofahs, when washing which may irritate sensitive skin


If stored in extremely hot conditions (which is not recommended) or on a hot delivery truck in the summer months, your natural deodorant may start to separate a bit. This is okay and the deodorant is still in excellent condition.

Just place in refrigerator to cool for 10 minutes and the deodorant will firm up again.



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