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All Natural Organic Bar Soap

Adding a burst of natural goodness to your daily routine is easier than ever thanks to our fresh, luxurious collection of organic bar soap and natural foaming hand soaps. Every aspect of our soap making process is carefully considered to be low impact from an environmental viewpoint and full to the brim with delicious, fresh natural fragrances which will gently scent your skin and bring a moment of bliss to your day whenever you lather up.

The Pure Soap collection includes a choice of chunky, creamy natural organic bar soap and rich, lathery organic foaming hand soap. What’s more, you can mix and match all of our soaps with other cosmetic and self-care products to layer fragrance and add even more natural goodness to your day. Options include all natural deodorant, natural bath salts, lip balm and hand and body lotions.

Natural Organic Bar Soap

We have 16 delectable bars to choose from, each jam-packed with nourishing ingredients for your skin to leave it feeling silky soft and hydrated after each wash. We’ve also carefully considered cleansers, picking the best of Mother Nature’s own offerings to give an effective, chemical-free clean that’s suitable for use on delicate, easily irritated or acne and eczema prone skin.

Unlike some organic bar soap brands you may have used before, all of our soaps are hand made by our family business so we know exactly what goes into each and every one. We’re passionate about fragrances so you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to sublime scents. Some of our customer favorites include the exfoliating, moisturizing Oatmeal Spice all natural organic bar soap, packed with warming spices thanks to pure essential oils of clove bud and cassia and certified organic cloves.

Tangy, zesty and with soothing notes of lavender, our Citrus Lavender organic bar soap is a morning favorite. With its fresh, citrusy burst, it’s a great addition to your morning shower

Organic Bar Soap Brands

If you prefer a liquid soap, our foaming hand soaps are also entirely natural and made using certified organic ingredients, vegan, cruelty free and without any form of chemical or unnatural substances. Like our all natural organic bar soap, our foaming soaps are also wonderfully nurturing and hydrating and packed with essential oils and soothing coconut and sunflower oils.

Both our foaming hand soaps and natural bar soaps can be used in the kitchen and bathroom – we particularly love our peppermint liquid hand soap in the bathroom to add a pep to the morning routine. The utterly exotic, sweet and luxurious scent of The Dream Chaser makes a wonderful hand and body soap at any time of the day thanks to its notes of vanilla and orange. The earthy natural scenes of cedarwood provide a blissful scent each time you lather up in our Woodsman organic foaming soap.

Whichever one of our natural foaming soaps is your favourite, you can be sure of cleansing and nourishing skin with every wash thanks to certified organic coconut oil and nutrient rich safflower and sunflower.