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The Florist Organic Foaming Soap

The Florist Organic Foaming Soap

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Be sure to also grab The Florist all natural deodorant and natural hand and body lotion! Each can be enjoyed together or alone by all members of the family.

It’s easy to forget that our hands need some TLC every now and again too. They go through so much day-to-day that they can often start to feel dry and sore – especially if you work outdoors, have central air conditioning, pets or use detergents and cosmetics that contain chemicals.

Brimming with natural goodness and carefully selected, organic ingredients, our The Florist organic foaming soap is the perfect antidote to dry, cracked or sore hands – as well as those digits that just crave a little everyday luxury.

With a sumptuous, delicately balanced floral scent with notes of heavenly lavender and sweet vanilla, The Florist is a liquid soap that the whole family will sure to love. It’s available in an 8fl oz bottle with handy pump top.

The rich foaming lather is nurturing and hydrating, cleanses skin of dirt and impurities while also conditioning and moisturizing. It’s gentle enough for use on even young, delicate and sensitive skin as well as skin prone to irritation from traditional soaps.

The Florist natural liquid soap is, like all of our organic soaps, natural deodorants scrubs and lotions, handmade by our family business. We choose only natural ingredients, colours and scents, such as herbs, natural essential oils and coconut and sunflower oils. We use organic ingredients where possible and none of our products ever contain parabens, chemicals, synthetic ingredients, artificial colours or manufactured fragrances.

If you’ve been looking for a vegan soap, that’s also cruelty free and still feels decadently luxurious for everyday use, you’re sure to love the soothing, restful scent of the Florist – and the way it leaves your whole family’s skin cleansed, moisturized and soothed.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, and coconut*, vegetable glycerin*, rosemary extract, essential oils of lavender, tea tree, vanilla.

*certified organic ingredients

Lavender essential oil: Sublimely restful and relaxing, the sweet, floral scent of lavender is wonderfully soothing and is known to help the body and mind switch off and detach from the stresses of the day. It pairs wonderfully with tea tree and vanilla essential oils in the Florist to create a fragrance that personifies the scent of a warm summer night – whatever the weather outside! Simply breathe it in and enjoy a moment of calm as part of your daily ritual.

Rosemary extract: Many of us love to cook with this fragrant herb but we use rosemary extract for its antioxidant properties and its ability to calm stressed, irritated skin.

Vanilla essential oil: A native of Madagascar, the sweet, intoxicating scent of vanilla amplifies the gentle lavender aroma, helping to create a delicious, feminine floral bouquet with every soft cloud of foamy liquid soap.

Sunflower and safflower oils: We use certified organic sunflower, safflower and coconut oils in our natural handmade soaps. They’re packed with hydrating ingredients to moisturize skin, full of nutrients and antioxidants and will leave your hands feeling soft and supple after use.