natural organic unscented vegan bar soap
Natural Unscented Bar Soap
all natural cruelty-free pure unscented bar soap

Natural Unscented Bar Soap

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Fragrance free and formulated especially for skin that needs especially careful handling, our natural pure unscented vegan bar soap is a gentle cleanser for skin that needs a little bit more tender loving care.

Unscented Bar Soap

We’ve presented this unscented vegan bar soap in as close to its natural form as we can! We understand that our customers use our products for different reasons; whether they’re concerned about artificial ingredients in generic soaps, or because they have skin that needs extra attention, or because of a reaction or allergen to other ingredients.

Organic Unscented Soap

We decided to create our first pure, natural and unscented bar soap for those customers who don’t want a soap that’s scented or colored, and instead want to get the most natural clean possible! Cut out chemicals completely with this soap, blended perfectly to find the best mixture of oils and natural ingredients to clean your skin. Excellent and gentle for very sensitive skin!

The lather our natural unscented vegan bar soap produces is a product of our natural ingredients, and whether you prefer to work our organic bar soap into a loofah or sponge or glide it over your skin, you’ll benefit from your body getting a soft moisturized glow when you’re done using this natural and organic soap.

Unscented Vegan Soap

Perfect for pure natural cleansing, our fragrance-free Pure Unscented Bar Soap is also totally free of any colors.

If you are trying to minimize trash or waste and would like your bar soap shipped without packaging, just let us know.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, coconut*, and palm* (sustainably sourced), rosemary extract.

*certified organic ingredients

Saponified oils of sunflower/safflower: Saponified oils are the building blocks of soap. We use sunflower and safflower oil to create a very soft soap which creates little bubbles but moisturizes the skin while also giving it very gentle and forgiving clean. High in oleic acid, this oil is great for helping to repair dry or damaged skin.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil is full of goodness. Not only does it harden the bar which sunflower oil softens, it also creates so much lather it will even create bubbles in salt water. Because this oil melts below human body temperature it’s great for deeply moisturizing the skin.

Palm oil: All of our palm oil is sustainably sourced. Palm oil is great in cold process soap to create a bar which can be held, is great for cleaning stains from the skin, and creates a very dense, thick lather that imparts all of its goodness into the skin.

Rosemary extract: A natural antioxidant, rosemary extract keeps your bar of soap fresh and free of any impurities. Because of the pure and unscented nature of this organic handmade soap bar, you may be able to detect a trace of rosemary when you’re using this soap, but rest assured we have not put anything in the soap apart from the ingredients on this list.