herbal soap bar handmade herb garden organic natural soap
Herb Garden Organic Bar Soap
vegan moisturizing cruelty-free herb garden bar soap

Herb Garden Organic Bar Soap

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At Pure Soap we pride ourselves on our natural handmade soaps, and this sumptuous, fragrant bar is no exception! The Herb Garden organic bar soap’s rich green tone is created with all-natural chlorophyll and organic cloves, and the earthy scents are forged with a blend of other essential oils. Keen gardeners or those with a deep love of herbs and spices will fall for the Pure Soap Herb Garden best bar soap!

Herbal Soap Bar

Artificial scents can dry out the skin and never smell as good as the oils distilled from the natural ingredient itself so we use natural and organic ingredients to perfume our luxurious bar and foaming soaps.

Handmade Herbal Soap

Natural organic soaps are important for our skin because they allow the body’s skin to breathe and be free of harsh ingredients like parabens. You may have heard of SLS and other artificial substances and be rightly worried about their impact on your family’s and the environment’s wellbeing. We never use these in any of our products.

Handmade Herbal Soap

Our Herb Garden all natural bar soap was created for those who love working with plants. It’s enriched with a cornucopia of essential oils with strong earthy scents, such as patchouli, lemongrass and thyme, to bring the freshness of a healthy growing garden, inside.

If you wish for your bar soap to be shipped without packaging for minimizing waste, just let us know and we can do so.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, coconut*, and palm* (sustainably sourced), essential oils of lavandin, rosemary, patchouli, lemongrass, thyme, and clove bud, chlorophyll, cloves*, rosemary extract.

*certified organic ingredients

Safflower oil: It’s not just responsible for the creamy bubbles this bar soap provides. Safflower oil is full of ingredients that are wonderful for your body, such as fatty acids and vitamin E, which can help to protect your skin from damage.

Coconut oil: Coconut oil has been used for hundreds of years to keep the body moisturized and fresh. You can cook with it and use it as a moisturizer but it also has strong antibacterial properties so it’s a great choice for a family soap.

Palm oil: Palm oil hardens our handmade natural soap, making a bar last longer for you and your family. We make sure that we only use sustainable palm oil in line with our environmental commitment.

Lavandin oil: This oil comes from a hybrid relative of the lavender plant, and has antiseptic properties as well as ingredients that can help skin look more even.

Rosemary oil: Rosemary oil is a potent anti-inflammatory ingredient, fantastic for driving away redness from the skin. The scent has also been shown to help people keep alert!

Patchouli oil: This earthy scent has antibacterial effects, and as a bonus keeps bugs away from you.

Lemongrass oil: Lemongrass is known to reduce muscle aches, making it an essential component of a soap we made with gardeners in mind. It’s also a great skin cleanser.

Thyme oil: Not only is thyme oil an effective toner for skin, it’s also great for combatting bacteria on the skin.

Clove bud oil: Using small doses of this oil in our organic soaps is great for fighting red and dry spots on the skin.

Chlorophyll oil: Chlorophyll is made naturally by plants and helps protect the skin with its antiviral properties.

Clove oil: Clove oil has been known about for centuries as a way to treat minor injuries. As a toner, it’s a great skin protector.

Rosemary extract: Rosemary extract helps remove dirt from the skin and smells great on top of it.

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