citrus fusion organic natural bar soap
Citrus Fusion Organic Bar Soap

Citrus Fusion Organic Bar Soap

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Citrus Soap

Add a burst of zesty freshness to your everyday routine with our moisturizing, all natural citrus bar soap!

Breathe in the citrus soap goodness of perfectly ripe blood oranges, expertly blended with bergamot essential oils, handpicked organic herbs and plant extracts.

Carefully blended by our expert soap mixologists to bring together the most beautiful natural ingredients, organic herbs and essential oils, Pure Soap Citrus Fusion organic bar soap invites you to breathe in the summery citrus freshness, whatever the weather!

Citrus Bar Soap

Handmade from juicy blood orange and fragrant bergamot essential oils and a carefully selected bouquet of herbs and plants, our handmade bar soap is beautifully refreshing and cleanses and moisturizes with a rich, creamy lather.

Because we only use natural ingredients, and choose organic where possible, our handmade soaps are kind on even the most sensitive and delicate skin. You can lather up hands and body safe in the knowledge that your zesty burst of citrus scent is free of artificial substances (learn more here).

Citrus Scented Soap

Our Citrus Fusion soap bar is also vegan friendly, biodegradable and gluten free – so you can enjoy the invigorating, cleansing powers of this natural organic soap with a conscience as clean as your soft, beautifully cleansed skin.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of safflower* and/or sunflower*, palm* (sustainably sourced), and coconut*; essential oils of blood orange, bergamot, orange, tangerine, lemongrass, and lime, madder root, rosemary extract.

*certified organic ingredients


Blood orange essential oil: With its sweet, succulent aroma, blood orange essential oil lends a juicy, tangy and uplifting scent to the Pure Soap Citrus Fusion handmade bar soap. Imparting a wonderfully tart, sweet scent, the essential oils are cold pressed from the rind of sweet, ruby-red blood oranges at the height of their ripeness before being blended with bergamot, herbs and plant extracts.

Bergamot essential oil:  Bergamot, with its invigorating orange lemon scent, has long been lauded for its many restorative health benefits. Bergamot oil has numerous health benefits and is often used to relieve stress. It kills bacteria and other germs by inhibiting their growth, soothes the skin and helps to heal skin irritations and blemishes – all of these properties made it a natural choice for our Citrus Fusion soap bar!

Organic herbs: Herbs have long been known for their medicinal properties as potent antioxidants, but they are also commonly used for their cleansing and restorative powers. We blend carefully selected organic herbs with plants and the bergamot and blood orange essential oils to give our Citrus Fusion organic bar soap its beautiful color.

Plant extracts: We love plants and use them for a range of uses. One such use is as an all natural ingredient in Citrus Fusion, where a handpicked selection is carefully blended with organic herbs to give the soap its juicy, fruity color.

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