Woodsman most effective natural deodorant for men aluminum free
the Woodsman non toxic, healthy deodorant

The Woodsman Natural Deodorant Stick

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Looking for a natural deodorant stick which really works? Then Pure Soap’s The Woodsman Natural Deodorant Stick makes the ideal addition to your bathroom or gym bag.

Naturally fragranced and proven to fight the sweat, it works wonders without using harsh chemicals or potentially harmful aluminum. The scent will remind you of a stroll through the woods with cedarwood and slight hints of earthiness! 

Aluminum has long been used in commercial deodorants for its ability to stop users from sweating, but this process can be hazardous for your health. When using The Woodsman Natural Deodorant Stick, you’ll still sweat – the process is natural, after all – but you’ll continue to smell great and feel dry and comfortable.

The scent of The Woodsman is reminiscent of a stroll through the woodland, with hints of earthiness and cedar wood creating a fragrance which is at once strong enough to cover body odor and subtle enough as to never be overpowering or artificial. It’s the perfect men’s deodorant, gentle enough to be used every day and kind to skin.

At Pure Soap we create products designed to stand up to the stresses and strains of modern life without resorting to harsh chemicals or unnatural ingredients. Our family-run company has lots of experience creating natural products which withhold against rigorous testing without unpleasant additives, which can damage your health and irritate your skin.

With Pure Soap’s The Woodsman Natural Deodorant Stick, you can be sure of a safe, ethical product which still does the job it’s designed to do thanks to a careful blend of natural fragrances and all natural ingredients. What’s more, it’s vegan, cruelty free (of course!) and packed with organic and natural ingredients.

If you haven’t used a natural deodorant before, you might be wondering just how it does the job without the usual chemicals.

  • We use organic arrowroot powder, to help absorb perspiration and keep you feeling drier for longer.
  • Baking soda neutralizes the bacteria which causes body odor, while coconut oil’s antibacterial properties are also mixed in by hand to naturally stop bacteria in its tracks.

Pure Soap’s The Woodsman Natural Deodorant Stick comes in a convenient and easy to use stick. It is packaged in a lightweight 2.5 oz container, made from BPA free plastic.

To stay fresh all day long, we recommend using on clean, dry underarms. Simply remove the cap and expose a small amount of the deodorant, holding the stick firmly on your armpit before applying. Your natural body heat will help to soften the deodorant stick, ensuring a smooth and even application. For best results, slick the under-arm area 2-3 times per armpit – use more if needed.

As with all-natural products, your deodorant stick will need to be carefully stored to stay in top condition. Store at room temperature, and don’t use on open wounds or irritated skin. Be careful to keep The Woodsman Deodorant Stick away from direct sunlight and sources of heat too as the heat-activated formula could melt if left somewhere too warm!

Thanks to Pure Soap, you’ll stay feeling fresh and clean without blocking your body’s natural processes or exposing yourself to any of the nasty chemicals found in commercial deodorizing products. Great for you and great for the environment!

Ingredients: arrowroot powder*, coconut oil*, shea butter*, aluminum free baking soda*, candelilla waxEssential oils of cedarwood, orange and patchouli.   *Certified organic ingredients

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