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Organic Deodorant Stick

If you’re looking for a more natural alternative to your traditional antiperspirant, why not consider our natural deodorant stick? Pure Soap has developed a natural, vegan and chemical-free alternative to your traditional spray or roll on, that promises to keep your underarms feeling fresh throughout the day.

As you’d expect from any Pure Soap product, whichever vegan deodorant stick you choose, you can feel confident that you’re making an ethical, natural and sustainable choice. What’s more, you’re choosing a product which has been carefully made by hand and formulated by experts by our family business natural cosmetic professionals.

We’re passionate about delivering truly great products that are a more natural alternative to store bought beauty products, with none of the nasty artificial ingredients and after months of careful research and testing, we’re confident we’ve created the best natural deodorant stick out there!

Vegan Deodorant Stick

Most conventional deodorants use aluminum as part of their formulas as this is known to block sweat. Our organic deodorant stick will leave you feeling just as fresh and dry but we use arrowroot powder to absorb perspiration rather than aluminum, so you can be confident you’re being kind to your body and avoiding unnecessary chemical use.

We also use coconut oil which not only helps to keep underarms soft and irritation free, it also acts as a natural antibacterial to help avoid unwanted odors and help you go about your day with confidence.

Some deodorant products can be drying and irritate the delicate skin under the arm due to harsh ingredients. Whichever Pure Soap natural deodorant stick you add to your daily self-care routine, you’ll find your skin feels hydrated and moisturized thanks to luxurious Shea Butter – so you can wave bye-bye to soreness and irritation!

Best Natural Deodorant Stick

There are six different sticks in our collection, with a choice of five fragrances and one unscented natural deodorant stick. We’re constantly developing new scent combinations though so check back often for our latest additions!

You can mix and match any organic deodorant stick with other products in our range, such as a natural hand and body lotion or organic soap to layer up on your scent.

With sweet, exotic vanilla and a refreshing citrus burst of orange, The Dream Chaser is already winning five-star reviews from our shoppers. We’re carefully blended vanilla, orange and peppermint essential oils to create a fruity, heavenly scent which can be slicked on morning, night or after a gym session as needed for a burst of uplifting protection.

With uplifting lemongrass and tea tree essential oils, The Go Getter is the perfect choice for those with a busy schedule to keep up, while The Adventurer natural deodorant stick is a great choice for men, thanks to its cedar wood and tea tree fragrance.

Our vegan deodorant sticks are cruelty free, free of parabens, chemical free and have no SLS. They do have lots of lovely natural, nourishing sweat-busting ingredients though – and you wear them exactly the same was as your usual deodorant! Simply hold the stick to your skin for a few moments to soften it, then gently swipe.