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Natural Organic Deodorant

If you’ve ever glanced through the ingredients list of your usual store-bought deodorant, you may well have been surprised by the sheer volume of unpronounceable ingredients and chemicals contained within.

Here at Pure Soap we were sure there was a more natural alternative so we created our brand new range of organic deodorant sticks – they are just as effective at fighting odor and keeping underarms feeling dry and fresh, without any of the artificial substances you’d usually find in a deodorant.

Our collection of organic antiperspirant deodorant products uses carefully sourced natural and organic ingredients to help fight body odor and ensure you stay confident all day. Our organic underarm deodorant is also cruelty free, vegan, doesn’t contain any synthetic or artificial fragrances, is free of aluminum and doesn’t have any parabens or SLS. What’s more, we make each stick by hand in our family business.

Organic Underarm Deodorant

There’s nothing but bountiful natural products in our organic underarm deodorant.

We use natural essential oils to add fragrance to each stick: 

  • The Dream Chaser is a blend of vanilla, peppermint and orange
  • The Go Getter contains tea tree and lemongrass essential oils
  • The Florist is a floral bouquet of lavender, vanilla and tea tree
  • The Adventurer is an earthy dream of cedar wood, tea tree and vanilla
  • The Woodsman is earthy and warming with cedar wood, orange and patchouli
  • The Sensitive natural deodorant stick is unscented


In addition to carefully selected essential oils, each organic deodorant also includes certified organic arrowroot powder, certified organic coconut oil and shea butter. We use arrowroot powder in place of aluminum because it’s naturally wonderfully absorbent, which means it will soak up perspiration to keep underarms feeling dry, without inhibiting the natural function of the body.

Did you know, arrowroot is often used in talcum powder thanks to this ability to soak up moisture? Sometimes used in baby powder too, it also leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and silky – which means you can banish red, irritated under arms once and for all!

In addition to arrowroot and selected essential oils, you’ll also find certified organic coconut oil in every Pure Soap organic underarm deodorant stick. We use coconut oil in our foaming natural hand soaps and organic bar soaps too and just love this powerhouse of nature. It has a ton of beneficial properties – from its abundance of hydration to its natural antibacterial and antifungal action (which makes it a great addition to our organic deodorant).

Shea butter, which you’ll likely find in many of your favorite hand and body lotions also goes into each and every organic natural deodorant we make. It’s intensely creamy and rich and brimming with vitamins, fatty acids and natural goodness. Shea butter can also fight inflammation and will leave you with the smoothest, softest imaginable underarms.

Organic Antiperspirant Deodorant

You can use our organic deodorant products anytime, anywhere just as you would your traditional antiperspirant. It’s soft and gentle while still wonderfully effective and suitable for use every day.

Simply hold the stick against your skin to gently soften for a few seconds and then swipe. Throw in your gym bag, work bag or school bag or keep in your bathroom for natural protection through the day.