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Organic Lotion

Our sublimely silky, all natural lotion is your passport to the softest, smoothest and most radian skin. Packed full of skin-loving ingredients harnessed from Mother Nature and blended expertly, our family run business has poured years of organic, natural know how into our collection of all natural organic lotion.

As you would expect from any Pure Soap product, our natural lotion is vegan and cruelty free. We never use parabens or SLS and there’s not an artificial ingredient, chemical or synthetic fragrance in sight. That’s just the start of the story however. We’ve carefully selected the most powerful, nourishing and hydrating natural and certified organic ingredients to create a light and silky hand and body lotion that does good for your skin in addition to being good for the environment and our planet.

Natural Lotion

Our all natural lotion is made by hand and includes the antioxidant rich sunflower seed oil, which is full to bursting with nutrients. One of the reasons we selected sunflower seed oil for our organic lotion is that it’s known to be a natural antidote to redness, which means it will sooth irritated and inflamed skin. It’s also shown to help skin retain moisture, so your hands and body will continue to feel hydrated hours after use. What’s more, sunflower oil contains beta-carotene, which helps to improve the skin’s appearance and overall health.

We also use jojoba oil which is both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory but also incredibly nourishing. It’s one of the reasons your hands and body feel so touchably soft after you’ve smoothed in a generous blob of our all natural lotion.

There’s also Vitamin C and Vitamin E which can help to fight the signs of aging and keep skin feeling supple. Each organic lotion also contains a careful blend of natural essential oils, expertly chosen and mixed together to deliver a harmonious balance of fragrances.

  • The Dream Chaser is sweet and refreshing, with vanilla, peppermint and orange
  • The Go Getter melds tea tree and lemongrass for the most uplifting of scents
  • The Florist makes relaxing, fragrant lavender the star with underlying notes of vanilla
  • The Woodsman is a patchouli-scented treat with essential oils of cedar wood and orange
  • Peppermint is bursting with invigorating minty aromas
  • The Adventurer brings the outdoors, in with aromas of cedar wood, tea tree and vanilla

All Natural Organic Lotion

Our hand-picked ingredients mean that our all natural lotion simply glides on to the skin. It’s light and easily absorbed, meaning it gets to work right away drenching skin in moisture and relieving dry, itchy skin.

All of the organic lotion in our collection can be paired with a natural bar soap, organic deodorant stick or foaming organic hand wash. We offer soap and lotion combo packs to make it even easier to pair your favorite fragrances – these make a great gift for a friend, colleague or loved one too.