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Homemade Natural Cleaning Products

When it comes to cleaning our homes or offices, most of us rely on the off the shelf cleaning products we can get at the market while doing the weekly shop.

The problem is regular detergents and other household cleaning products are chock full of chemicals. Thousands of years of research shows us that Mother Nature herself offers up a veritable bounty of natural ingredients which can be used to keep homes and offices clean, germ free and hygienic for all members of the family.

All Natural Home Cleaning Products

We’ve created our own range of natural home cleaning products, to help you maintain the levels of cleanliness that you demand, with none of the chemicals that can be harmful to the environment, your pets and family members.

If this is your first time shopping for homemade natural cleaning products, we know that it can seem daunting. Many of our customers ask if natural ingredients can be as effective at banishing harmful bacteria, dirt and mess as conventional cleaning products. Our answer is yes!

We have carefully selected powerful natural ingredients which have decades (sometimes centuries) of scientific research testifying to their effectiveness. And we promise, after one clear with our natural home cleaning supplies, you’ll never go back to chemical-laden alternatives again.

Natural Home Cleaning Products

What makes all natural home cleaning products effective at fighting germs, bacteria and dirt?

Vinegar: We use vinegar in our glass and surface cleaner. This store cupboard essential was traditionally called into service as a cleaner thanks to its natural acidity. It’s this acidity that makes it so good at swiping away build ups of grime – it literally dissolves soap scum and grease. It’s also great for cleaning dirt from floors for the same reason and fighting stains. We use vinegar in our natural glass and surface cleaner to leave windows, counters, kitchens and bathrooms streak free and sparkly clean.

Vegetable glycerin: We have lots of vegetable glyercin here at Pure Soap because it’s a natural end result from the process of making natural soaps. As a solvent, vegetable glyercin is a natural stain-fighter, making it a perfect addition to one of our five-star rated homemade natural cleaning products, our liquid laundry detergent / soap.

Rosemary extract: We use lots of rosemary extract in our handmade soaps and it’s also a key component of many of our natural home cleaning products. Why? The reason is simple. While the herb form of rosemary is a addition to your favorite dinner time dishes, the extract is an equally effective antifungal agent. That means it’s incredibly good at killing germs – without any chemicals, pesticides, parabens, SLS or other unnatural toxins required.

Sodium bicarbonate: Also known as baking soda, you might be more used to adding sodium bicarbonate to your cakes, but it’s also an extremely versatile natural cleaning agent. As a mild alkaline, sodium bicarb was a shoe in for our all natural home cleaning products. Combined with water it dissolves dirt and grease – making it the perfect choice for cleaning dishes in our natural dishwasher detergent