the florist best aluminum free natural organic deodorant stick
the florist best aluminum free natural organic deodorant stick

The Florist Natural Deodorant Stick

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Add a jolt of natural freshness to your routine, however active your day with our fragrant The Florist Natural Deodorant Stick. It has a gentle floral scent courtesy of our handpicked selection of natural essential oils. We’ve included soothing light lavender, refreshing tea tree and sweet vanilla which gently fragrance this deodorant without any unnatural or artificial additives, chemicals or colorants.

Vanilla Natural Deodorant

While most commercial deodorants rely on harsh chemicals and aluminum to block perspiration and reduce odors, at Pure Soap we believe there’s another way – and our all-natural, health-friendly, non-toxic deodorant sticks help to whisk away odor without blocking your body’s natural chemistry.

Lovingly created in-house by our family-run company, The Florist Natural Deodorant Stick offers all the benefits of an ordinary deodorant while still allowing skin to breathe.

Lavender Deodorant

We pride ourselves on creating products using only the highest-quality natural ingredients, so you can rely on our deodorant sticks as approved by Mother Nature – and free from the parabens, chemicals and aluminum you may have come to expect from other store-bought body sprays and antiperspirant.

Commercial deodorizers stop you from sweating with aluminum; by removing this, our deodorant sticks will still allow you to sweat naturally, but The Florist fragrance will provide a delightful scent, and the super-ingredients in the deodorant stick help eradicate body odor without causing harm.

How does it work?

  • We use organic arrowroot powder to absorb perspiration, helping your underarms stay dry whilst still allowing you to sweat as nature intended.
  • Baking soda works to neutralize odor-causing bacteria, while the organic shea butter in the formulation soothes and moisturizes under-arm skin.
  • Lastly, rich, creamy organic coconut oil with its unique antibacterial properties naturally nullifies odor to provide a natural way to stay fresh and clean all day long.

Vanilla Deodorant

Handcrafted into a convenient and infinitely portable stick, The Florist Natural Deodorant Stick is lightweight enough to carry with you wherever you need to go. Weighing just 2.5 oz it’s easily dropped into your purse or gym bag. It’s environmentally-friendly, too – with a container crafted from BPA-free plastic. Vegan and cruelty free, there’s no better way to tackle body odor and perspiration naturally.

For best use, we suggest applying the deodorant stick to clean and dry underarms. Remove the cap and expose a small amount of deodorant, then hold the stick on your armpit for a few seconds. The product responds to your own body heat, softening on application and ensuring an even, smooth application. 2-3 swipes per armpit should be sufficient, but feel free to slick across as many times as suits you for the perfect coverage.

Be sure to store your natural deodorant at room temperature and only use externally. Keep well away from young children and never use on irritated or wounded skin. To avoid causing the product to melt, keep away from direct sunlight and sources of heat – and you’ll be able to stay fresh and dry with the delightful floral scent of The Florist for a long time to come!

Ingredients: arrowroot powder*, coconut oil*, shea butter*, aluminum free baking soda*, candelilla wax. Scented only with organic essential oils. Essential oils of lavender, tea tree, vanilla.  *Certified organic ingredients

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