Cedarwood Foaming Soap - The Woodsman - Cedar Oil Soap
Cedarwood Soap - The Woodsman Organic Foaming Soap

Cedarwood Soap - The Woodsman Organic Foaming Soap

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If you love the fresh, warm woody fragrance of The Woodsman, why not add the other products to your personal care regime? We also have a natural deodorant stick and a natural hand and body lotion, each with the same cedarwood, patchouli and orange scent.

Cedarwood Soap

If you’ve ever wanted a forest-retreat or dream of selling up and getting back to nature in the middle of the wilderness, we think you’ll love The Woodsman.

The essence of the outdoors in a generous 8fl oz bottle with easy pump top dispenser, the Woodsman organic foaming soap has a warm, earthy aroma of cedar wood, orange and patchouli.

Made from wholly natural materials, this liquid soap’s luxurious creamy lather releases a gentle fragrance that will put you in mind of lush green hideaways, far removed from the hustle and bustle of hectic daily life.

Cedar Soap

Handmade by our family’s soap making experts, The Woodsman organic foaming handwash couples its delightful natural scent with an abundance of natural ingredients carefully selected from Mother Nature’s bounty.

Like all of our natural bar soaps and foaming soaps, you won’t find any artificial, synthetic or unnatural ingredients. There are no chemicals, no man-made scents and no parabens. The Woodsman is also vegan and cruelty free in keeping with Pure Soap’s natural and sustainable ethos. 

Cedar Oil Soap

Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, and coconut*, vegetable glycerin*, rosemary extract, essential oils of cedarwood, orange and patchouli.

*certified organic ingredients

Coconut oil: We use certified organic coconut oil in our natural organic soaps and The Woodsman is no different. Coconut oil has many wonderful properties which make it ideal for use on the skin and hair; it’s naturally antibacterial so can help to protect skin from germs, it’s also extremely nourishing and hydrates and moisturizes to leave even the most hard working and neglected of hands feeling soft.

Saponified oils of safflower and sunflower: Sunflower and safflower are distant relatives and both are packed with nutrients that are kind to skin along with plentiful antioxidants. These properties make the oils a great addition to natural soaps. Both are supremely kind to skin and if your hands feel red, sore or irritated, sunflower oil can help to soothe that itchiness and restore skin to its usual state.

Cedarwood essential oil: We love this earthy, woodsy aroma – reminiscent of that smell you get when you walk into a toasty sauna, cedarwood essential oil won’t just transport you to the Great Outdoors. This natural fragrance is also known to have a calming, soothing effect, helping your hand-washing ritual to deliver a sense of calm every time you foam up.

Patchouli essential oil: We’ve used patchouli essential oil in The Woodsman organic foaming soap because it’s distinctive notes pair perfectly with the essence of cedarwood and orange. It also has a long list of therapeutic benefits and is known to be an antidepressant and antiseptic, can help to sooth the mind, calm nervousness or feelings of anxiety and help to lift a bad mood.

Orange essential oil: We all know the importance of consuming fruit and vegetables but did you know the Vitamin C found in citrus fruits also has skin boosting benefits? This summery essential oil acts as an antiseptic, is packed with vitamins and can help to fight the signs of aging.