The Adventurer - Organic Vanilla Cedarwood Foaming Soap
The Adventurer Organic Foaming Soap

The Adventurer Organic Foaming Soap

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If you’re looking to introduce a touch of natural luxury into your daily routine, look no further than our Adventurer organic forming hand soap. Packed full of natural goodness, this decadently foaming hand soap elevates a simple ritual into a moment of bliss, thanks to its reviving natural scent and skin-loving ingredients.

As with all of our natural foaming soaps, bar soaps and natural deodorants, The Adventurer is made with nothing put wonderfully pure natural ingredients, all carefully sourced from Mother Nature’s bountiful selection of fragrances, moisturizes and cleansers. 

The Adventurer has an energetic, crisp scent thanks to its fragrant combination of cedar wood, tea tree and vanilla essential oils. If you want to layer your fragrance for a subtle hit of refreshing aroma all day, you can pair the Adventurer organic foaming soaps with other products in the Adventurer range including our new all-natural deodorant stick and silky hand and body lotion.

Made with a careful selection of organic ingredients and natural colors and fragrances, there is absolutely nothing artificial in this (or any of our other) foaming hand soaps. Like all Pure Soap home, bath and body products, The Adventurer is lovingly made by hand at our family-run workshop.

A vegan soap, The Adventurer is also entirely natural, free of parabens, doesn’t contain SLAs or chemicals and is suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive of skin.

What’s more, our use of certified organic ingredients means The Adventurer is just as kind to the environment as it is your hands and it’s resolutely cruelty free. Some soaps can be drying over time due to harsh chemicals and artificial scents but The Adventurer is mixed to leave skin feeling silky smooth with no irritation or redness.

The Adventurer is available in an 8fl oz pump top dispenser – pop it next to the sink, by your shower or next to your bathroom cabinet to make washing up a fragrant treat. If you entertain friends and family regularly, why not add a bottle of The Adventurer to your guest bath too? We guarantee your guests will love the thoughtful addition.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of sunflower* and/or safflower*, and coconut*, vegetable glycerin*, rosemary extract, essential oils of cedarwood, tea tree, vanilla.

*certified organic ingredients


Cedarwood essential oil: Cedarwood oil is one of the world’s oldest perfumes with its warming, earthy tones used in fragrances for centuries. We’ve used natural cedarwood essential oil to give The Adventurer a warm, woodsy top note – one sniff and you’re almost certain to be transported to the great outdoors and your own adventure in Mother Nature!

Tea Tree essential oil: Tea tree has long been heralded for its beneficial properties for skin, hair and nails. It’s a natural antiseptic so will help to keep hands free of germs and bacteria and can also relieve the itching of dry skin.

Vanilla essential oil: Who doesn’t love the sweet, exotic scent of vanilla? Together with the cedarwood and tea tree oils, the vanilla helps to create a luxurious, fresh fragrance.

Saponified oils of sunflower and/or safflower*, and coconut*: Both sunflower and coconut oils bathe skin in soft, silky hydration helping to keep hands happy whatever the weather.