Bar Soap Saver
Bar Soap Saver

Bar Soap Saver

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Keep your natural organic bar soap dry and fresh for everyday use with our Pure Soap, Soap Saver!

Soap Saver Dish

Simply slip this slim product into the base of your soap dish to keep your soap bar raised away from pooled water. Ensure the longevity of your bar soap by keeping it’s solid and dry structure allowing you to enjoy your favorite scented soaps for as long as possible.

Soap Saver Pad

The Soap Saver can be trimmed to fit snug within any soap dish or attractively on your shower shelves and also acts as a non-slip surface, keeping your best bar soap in place when not in use. The organic structure of the Soap Saver allows the air to flow through easily, allowing it to rinse easily and also dry your soap quicker.

An essential addition to any bathroom, keep your favorite bar soap as fresh as possible with the Pure Soap's, Soap Saver!


*Soap Savers are sold individually. Bar of soap not included with Soap Saver. Picture is an example of how soap saver is used to extend life of bar soap by keeping it out of water.


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