Peppermint Bath Salts | Activated Charcoal

Peppermint Bath Salts | Activated Charcoal

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Do your muscles feel tight, tense or tired? Do you feel stressed or exhausted after a stressful day or particularly hectic week?

Often when we take on too much or leave too little time for ourselves, our limbs can feel heavy and we crave nothing more than a little ‘me time’.

If you need a time out to rejuvenate your spirit and soothe your mind and body, simply add a few tablespoons (around 1/8 of a cap) of our Peppermint bath salts to your tub and breathe in the refreshing, energizing scent.

Homemade Peppermint Bath Salts

If you are new to bath salts, a Peppermint Epsom salt bath is the perfect introduction. It’s pampering and relaxing, purifying, detoxing and indulgent.

All Pure Soap products are vegan, cruelty free, use certified organic ingredients where possible and are made entirely from natural ingredients.

We make our homemade peppermint bath salts in small batches by hand in our family business and carefully choose everything that makes up our salt soak with a keen eye on the environment and another on the well being of your skin.

Peppermint Epsom Salt Bath

Bath salts are a wonderful way to purify the skin. They gently draw out the toxins and impurities that we’re exposed to every day – toxins and impurities that can clog pores, cause irritation and redness and result in break outs. Our natural bath salts contain beneficial minerals and can be used to gently ease away muscle tension, spirit away toxins and impurities and salve skin irritations. It’s also a relaxing treat, perfect to help you unwind after a long day or demanding week.

We are passionate about natural, organic skin and beauty products because we believe they do the most good for your skin, health and wellness and Mother Nature. We actively work to lessen our environmental impact by using only natural ingredients such as natural essential oils and sea salts.

We use natural fragrances exclusively and you’ll never find chemicals, parabens or synthetic ingredients in any of our products. From our organic foaming soaps and bar soaps to natural deodorants and body lotions, every single Pure Soap product is made by hand, cruelty free and vegan free.

We want you to love your Peppermint Epsom salt bath and make it a treasured part of your self-care routine. That’s why we have selected the most powerful, effective natural ingredients.

Activated charcoal:  The activated charcoal gives the Peppermint Epsom salt bath its inky, black color. Don’t be fooled though – this is actually a beacon of detoxifying light for your skin! Activated charcoal flushes toxins and chemicals from the body. Up close, it has a very porous surface, much like that of a sponge, and just like a sponge, it ‘soaks up’ things. We use it in our homemade peppermint bath salts to soak up impurities to leave skin cleansed and fresh.

Black lava sea salt crystals: There is a veritable laundry list of health benefits associated with black lava sea salt crystals; they are said to cure bloating, aid weight loss and alleviate heartburn. Our expert mixologists use them in peppermint Epsom salt bath because of their healing properties, to open up pores so the activated charcoal can get to work, ability to improve circulation and proven skin soothing action.

*Do not use on porous surfaces.