all natural peppermint and unscented lip balm
All Natural Lip Balm
All Natural Lip Balm

All Natural Lip Balm

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Combat common lip complaints such as dry patches or cracked lips by using Pure Soap's all natural lip balms! Our unique understanding of organic oils, butters and plant extracts mean everything we put in these lip balms are great for your sensitive skin. We blend together a mixture of soothing and rich natural ingredients to make sure that your lips regain their velvety softness.

We offer our lip balms in either a peppermint or unscented version, for those who want the cooling sensation of mint as they enjoy our lip balm or for those who would prefer for their balms to remain unscented.

Each of our all natural lip balms are sold separately and is the perfect shape to slip into a pocket or purse so you have it at the ready all day. Keep your lips protected from the elements, whether it’s hot sun or drying winter winds! Please note this product is not 100% vegan friendly due to the beeswax ingredient in it.


Soybean oil: This is excellent for keeping delicate lips soft and smooth, and is one of our primary ingredients because it’s so good at holding the rest of the lip balm together. The soft wax helps the balm to glide onto the lips easily and help it stay on and not bleed into the lines around the mouth.

Beeswax: This natural miracle ingredient has so many great applications, including great staying power. The structure of beeswax means that it won’t slide off the skin, making it perfect for applying to chapped and bumpy lips. It’s also highly nourishing and totally locks in skin hydration, plus it has an amazing rich and creamy texture.

Vitamin E: A moisturizing ingredient that helps regenerate and condition skin, this ingredient is easily absorbed by the upper level of skin to stay radiant.

Shea butter: The rich creaminess of shea reduces any inflammation and redness around the lips, helping the lips to heal and stopping them from chapping further.

Sunflower oil: Full of regenerative oleic acid, sunflower oil keeps moisture locked inside the skin. Even dermatology experts love sunflower oil for its use in topical moisturizing; the fatty acids it contains are great at stopping water escaping.

Aloe vera: A natural moisturizer, the gel that comes from aloe vera is excellent for treating flaky or dry skin, as well as preventing minor infections which can happen when skin on the lips is chapped and down to the quick


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