What Are The Laws On Animal Testing For Cosmetics In The US?

Laws On Animal Testing For Cosmetics In The United States


Over the last few decades, there has been an increasing amount of pressure from animal rights groups and organizations for governments and cosmetics companies to put an end to animal testing.

Not many people realize how prominent animal testing still is in the cosmetics industry and many people don’t even know it still exists.

It can be quite a confusing topic to get your head around if you’re not familiar with the regulations and rules regarding animal testing in the US so we’ve put together this guide to help you learn more.


In order for government organizations to ban cosmetic testing, and for people to understand exactly what it is, it’s important to learn what exactly is involved in the process.

Testing cosmetics on animals generally refers to the application of a finished product or individual ingredients onto an animal in order to test for negative effects.

There are many different methods involved in cosmetic animal testing which are carried out for a variety of reasons.

Some methods are designed to test irritation levels and discover how corrosive a certain product is to the skin.

Depending on the chemicals used these types of tests can often cause irreversible skin damage to animals, causing long term health defects and even death.

The rules

As it stands there are no strict rules or governmental bans set in place regarding cosmetic animal testing in the US.

Although numerous other countries around the world including the UK, New Zealand and India have banned the testing of cosmetics on animals, companies in the US are still free to carry out this practice.

There are various animal cruelty laws in place throughout the US which rules out any unnecessary harm to animals.

This, however, is trumped by corporate licenses which state that the testing is done in a controlled environment for scientific purposes.

In 2014 a bill was proposed in the US which would subsequently have made it illegal to test cosmetic products on animals and restricted the import and sale of products from abroad which are not cruelty-free.

Unfortunately, this bill was shot down and it was never passed as legislation, despite passionate campaigning from multiple animal rights organizations.

Since then the fight has not stopped in the battle to end cosmetic animal testing. Organizations such as PETA have continuously campaigned to improve the rights of animals and make it illegal for cosmetics companies to test their products on animals.

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