Try An Organic Alternative To Hygiene With All-Natural Soap

Organic Hygiene With All-Natural Soap


We all love to remain squeaky clean, smelling as delightfully fresh as possible. Many of us do not, however, consider just what we are applying to our skin.

The majority of hygiene products on the shelves today are often completely inorganic, and you are actually rubbing potentially harmful chemicals onto your skin.

Organic hygiene products, like all-natural soap, not only bring legitimate ingredients to your skin, they are completely clean and healthy.

Chemical Free Soap

While the conventional hygiene products might fulfill your cleanliness needs perfectly, you might be shocked to find that many top brands have actually begun removing the properties that actually define what soap is.

Next time you find yourself browsing for ‘soap’, have a close look at the labels on the displayed packaging.

Many products don’t actually call themselves soap, rather they have synonyms like ‘beauty bar’ or ‘moisturizing bar’.

These strange new names are a necessity, due to the fact that these products can’t legally claim to be soap, and are actually detergent. The more expensive ingredients that ensure quality and safety have been removed.

Cruelty Free Soap

The main component which is removed is glycerin, which is produced during the saponification process.

Glycerin is an essential part of soap which ensures that our skin stays hydrated and moisturized while the impurities are removed.

Companies will then sell the glycerin to other companies, or use it in lotions and moisturizers, which one now desperately needs due to the dehydrating harshness that the chemicals in ‘beauty bars’ cause.

It’s a very clever scheme, and after reading this you may realize why you have such dry skin.

The irony is that many unnatural beauty products are actually causing our skin to lose its natural oils, causing irritation and dryness.

Environmentally Friendly Soap

An alternative you may want to try then is organic, all natural soap, which is generally handmade from real herbs and natural fats.

They are often more expensive than the shop variety, but caring for your skin is something you should never be cheap with, as well as caring for the environment.

If detergent does a number on your skin, imagine what the planet suffers from with the endless volumes of harmful chemicals constantly pouring down drains and into rivers and oceans.

It is a conscious decision making the change from unnatural to organic.

The sensual enjoyment, revitalized skin, and knowing that you are lessening your impact on the world all make it worth it.

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