The Pros and Cons of Essential Oils

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Essential oils can best be defined as highly concentrated plant constituents possessing potent medicinal and cosmetic qualities. In simple terms, essential oils are plant based products that have the power to soothe and heal the body, mind and spirit.

Powerfully fragrant, essential oils are naturally occurring and are often found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.

Although essential oils are a basic, natural ingredient that offers so many benefits, they are commonly misunderstood.

How to use them, why you should be using them and what each oil can offer are questions that can be answered many different ways by many different people and could still end up confusing the listener.

To help ease the confusion, we have created this informational post giving some of the pros and cons of essential oils.

Read along and see if essential oils are right for you!

Pros of Essential Oils

  • Essential oils enable you to take control of your health, beauty and home care needs. Our all natural soaps, lotions, deodorants and products contain essential oils and their amazing properties so be sure to grab some!
  • Essential oils work! A little goes a long way, so each bottle lasts a long time.
  • Essential oils are much less expensive than conventional health remedies.
  • Used correctly, essential oils have fewer possible negative side effects than most other alternative products.
  • Essential oils have multiple uses.

Cons of Essential Oils

  • Essential oils won’t fix everything. Many people assume that they will and they can just stop exercising, eating healthy and taking care of themselves. Essential oils help us, they don’t do all of the work for us.
  • Essential oils can be used unsafely. Purchase your essential oils from a reputable company and read the safety instructions before using.
  • There is no FDA regulation, government oversight or certifying agency for essential oil standards. Companies can use the words therapeutic and declare "grades" to them but it holds no weight whatsoever. What is important is that the essential oils are 100% pure plant based steam distilled essential oils and again, buy your essential oils from a reputable dealer to ensure they have no fillers or additives.

This should help you better understand essential oils, what they are and what they aren’t.

The essential oils we source are 100% pure plant based steam distilled essential oils and we use essential oils in many of our natural organic products here at Pure Soap!

Check out all our products or Contact Us with any questions!

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