The Essential Oil Scents For Summer

The Essential Oil Scents For Summer


Just like your clothes, you’ll want to change up your scents for summer.

Whether it’s swapping a shampoo, spritzing on a new perfume, or leaving it up to nature to present a stunning scent, you’ll often be spoilt for choice.

Should you decide to go down the au naturel route, there really is no better way to get yourself ready for summer than to cover yourself in an essential oil.

Nourishing and moisturizing for the skin, natural oils suit almost every skin type – even sensitive skin that’s prone to breaking and cracking.

So which are the best essential oil scents for summer?


Natural Organic Cleansing Lemon Twist Soap Bar

Let’s start with an obvious one. Lemon is fresh, clean and striking, so is the perfect scent for summer.

When you think of lemon, it always evokes great memories. Maybe of being on holiday, having fun in the sun, or even a delicious drink or meal.

Whatever good memory lemon brings to mind, slathering lemon essential oils on your skin will ignite the senses and leave your skin looking and feeling soft and supple.


Peppermint isn’t just good for our insides, it’s great for our outsides, too. Peppermint Natural Organic Peppermint Soap Barinvigorates the skin, leaving it feeling all tingly and soft for longer periods of time.

Using peppermint oil on the skin has also been proven to offer up antiseptic properties, helping to cool the surface of the skin and eliminate dandruff.

On top of all this, this magical oil also boasts a tremendous smell that ignites the senses.


Lavender is one of those smells that goes great in the summer and winter. But if lavender brings back memories of long, hot days, you’ll want to slather yourself Natural Organic Lavender Foaming Soapin it in summer.

Lavender is fragrant, floral, and altogether beautiful, so goes perfectly with a day in the dun. However lavender is not all about smells.

The flowering plant has been used in meditation and aromatherapy for many years, meaning you’ll be left feeling relaxed and calm – no matter what the occasion.


What would a list of essential oils be without including coconut? Coconut is a super ingredient that often sits atop many ‘must have’ lists – and for good reason.

A natural antibacterial, it also boasts anti-fungal properties to help keep the skin healthy. And what’s more, you’ll smell like you just stepped off a Barbados beach!

Natural Organic Lavender Soap BarShare in the comments what your favorite scent for summer is! Get in touch with us to find out more about our natural products!


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