Just How Clean Is Your Skin?

how clean is your skin


Did you know that, on average, people touch their faces about 16 times an hour?

Granted, some people do it less, but others might touch their faces up to 100 times per hour!

That is 100 chances for germs and bacteria from the things we touch throughout the day to attach themselves to our faces where they can enter our eyes, mouth or nose making us ill.

When you factor in that researchers have found trace amounts of feces, vomit, even listeria and salmonella under the average fingernail, these figures are alarming!

Why is our Skin So Dirty?

Poor personal hygiene, handling raw foods and going to the bathroom and not washing your hands afterwards contributes to the dirtiness of our skin. With over 19 million skin cells for every inch of skin, there are many places for bacteria to hide.

It doesn’t matter is you are young or old, male or female or a clean-freak, your skin is not as clean as you think it is. How can you keep your skin clean and avoid getting sick from the germs and bacteria it carries?

Proper cleansing of your skin on a regular basis will help to keep your skin clean and your body healthy.

Wash Your Hands to Stay Healthy

Many of us don’t do as good a job of washing our hands as we think and no matter what type of soap you use, taking the time to wash your hands properly in warm water, scrubbing them thoroughly, is the best method.

Cold and flu season is coming soon and how clean your hands are will decide if you catch the flu virus this season.

Choose Your Soap Carefully

This brings us to the type of soap you use when washing your hands, face and body. In general, don’t use the same soap you use on your hands to wash your face.

The skin is very different from your hands to your face and an all-purpose soap that you wash your hands with could be too strong for your face.

However with our natural and organic soaps you can use it on your hands, face and body as it is gentle and moisturizing!

Be sure to look for all-natural skin care products that are chemical and dye free, like ours, as these are best for your skin’s overall health.

We at Pure Soap offer a wide range of all-natural skin care products, made with organic oils, that are perfect for use every day to keep your skin healthy and clean this cold and flu season.

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