Handmade Natural Soap vs Commercial Soap


Many of us have used the commercial bar soaps since we were children and we were always taught that if we wanted to get clean, it had to be harsh and full of cleansers and other additives.

As we grew older and started taking better care of our skin, we began to realize that those harsh, chemical laden soaps weren’t really that good for us after all.

With everything that our skin goes through on a daily basis, shouldn’t we use a natural and organic soap that will nurture our skin without all of those added chemicals?

Here at Pure Soap, we think so and we wanted to help you decide by creating this article which shows the differences between handmade natural soaps, like ours, and commercial soaps.

Read along and see why more people are choosing our all natural bar soaps for their families.

Main Ingredients

Commercial Soap Ingredients:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Petrochemicals
  • Synthetic Perfume
  • Artificial Coloring

Organic Handmade Soap Ingredients:

How Both Are Made

Commercial Soap Production:

  • Mass Produced
  • Factory-Made

Natural Soap Production:

  • Locally Produced
  • Hand-Made
  • Made with Care

As you can see, handmade natural soaps are far better for your skin than the commercial soaps with chemicals and additives.

Which one will get you clean?

They both will but the natural organic soaps are safer for your skin and will not cause any long term effects.

Using handmade natural soaps is also better for the environment and many parents will feel better using it on their children.

Plus, organic natural soaps are available in a wide range of scents that are designed to rejuvenate, calm or even energize!

If you have any questions about using all natural handmade bar soap, contact us now and let us assist you today!

Grab some of our natural and organic soaps today!


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