Everything You Need To Know About Essential Oils

top tips and everything you need to know about essential oils


Essential oils are contained in so many everyday products that you’ve no doubt used them at some point, especially as part of your beauty routine.

But do you know what they actually are and the benefits they provide? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered with our guide on everything you need to know about these fragrant oils!

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What are essential oils?

If you’ve ever picked up a hand soap that’s smelt just like fresh Orange, Lemon or Citrus, like our Citrus Fusion Bar Soap, it could be due to the use of essential oils.

In basic terms, essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that are fragrant.

Capturing the distinctive scent of natural plants, through a distillation process, the oils are used in a range of beauty products and in aromatherapy that aims to utilize the characteristics of each plant.

There are hundreds of essential oils, reflecting the diverse natural world, all with their own unique qualities.

Essential oils don’t only make for great smelling beauty products, they can bring other benefits too.

Adding essential oils into beauty routine can harness the natural qualities and characteristics of plants when they’re blended correctly. Our Organic Foaming Soap contains essential oils that are great for your skin!

 Lavender – Lavender is perfect for skin irritations and mature skin. The plant is well known for having a soothing and calming effect and it’s an advantage that can benefit skin too. Our Lavender Bar Soap is a great example!

Peppermint Soap Bar natural and organicPeppermint – Peppermint essential oil has a calming effect on the body, which can relieve sore muscles when used topically and also has antimicrobial properties so it can help freshen bad breath and soothe digestive issues. Our Peppermint Soap Bar contains this wonderful essential oil!

 Patchouli Orange soap bar natural and organicPatchouli – Helping to promote skin repairs and new cell growth, means patchouli is perfect for a range of skin concerns, including for aging skin, acne, and eczema. Our Patchouli Orange Bar Soap is a great example!


Sage Lemongrass soap bar natural and organicLemongrass – Acting as a skin toner, lemongrass can help enhance your natural glow and refine pores for a smooth, flawless look. Our When Life Gives You Lemons and Sage Lemongrass Bar Soaps and Lemongrass Foaming Hand Soap are all great examples of natural organic products with Lemongrass essential oil in them!

Tea tree – Tea tree oil has been used in acne products for years. Its antibacterial properties mean it’s used extensively to reduce bacteria that causes acne and promote healing. Try our Winter is Coming bar soap or Tea Tree foaming soap as they areinfused with Tea Tree essential oil!

How to use essential oils in your beauty routine

Natural Organic Peppermint Foaming SoapAdding essential oils into your beauty routine doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s as simple as picking out natural products that use the oils you want to benefit from.

Our Pure Soap products all use organic oils for fragrance, perfectly balanced to not only clean thoroughly and smell great but to harness the power that plants can bring to the beauty routine.


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