Easy Ways to Sample Minimalist Living Before Committing

try Minimalist Living Before Committing


Minimalist living is attracting increasingly more people every year as they begin to realize just how easy it is to integrate a minimalist lifestyle into their own. Living with less, as some call it, can definitely simplify your life and save you money, but it isn’t for everyone.

If you are interested in trying out the minimalist lifestyle but don’t want to jump into the deep end of the minimalist pool, keep reading as we have created a useful guide to sampling the minimalist lifestyle to see if it is right for you.

Here are some easy ways to sample minimalist living before committing:

Kitchen and Countertops - The kitchen is the easiest place to start when sampling minimalist living.

Remove the clutter from your countertops by putting away all of the appliances that often go unused for weeks, such as toasters, waffle makers, etc.

When you need them, pull them out to use, but put them away when finished.

Sort through your utensils and get rid of the ones you don’t use. Then get rid of the utensils you use once in a while, keeping only the ones you absolutely need.

Furniture - Remove excess furniture by going room by room and taking out the furniture that is not needed.

You will soon find that you have much more space and that you don’t miss the furniture after all.

Declare a clutter-free zone - Your office, bedroom, family room or kitchen can be declared a clutter-free zone.

Remove anything that is not necessary, then, remove those things that are not used very often. Living with less starts by de-cluttering your home as you will soon realize that you didn’t need the items you got rid of after all.

Dress with Less- The Project 333 initiative states that you should dress with only 33 items for 3 months (clothes, shoes, jewelry, accessories). Imagine the room you will have in your closet if you removed a large portion of your wardrobe.

We at Pure Soap believe in the minimalist lifestyle as it contributes to helping to keep our environment healthy and sustainable.

We certainly are not full minimalists, in fact we have just started this journey ourselves, but have been reading and studying about it for a while.

Want to chat with us about minimalist living? Leave your questions and comments below or contact us today; we are happy to share our experiences and hear about yours!

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