The Difference Between Cruelty Free & Vegan Beauty Products

Difference between cruelty free and vegan beauty products

Cruelty free and vegan have often blurred line as both terms are not yet regulated by the industry or by governments. However, we can define that Cruelty free products are made by not harming animals during the development, manufacturing and testing processes.

And that Vegan products are not made with animal ingredients or any animal byproducts, such as yogurt, gelatin, beeswax and honey. However, it is still possible for manufacturers to test these products on a wide range of animals to ensure the product’s effectiveness and safety on humans.


Cruelty Free Is Not Always Vegan

Again, there are different standards that are applied. Some cruelty free products may use animal by-products or even animal ingredients.

It means that although a moisturizing product that is considered cruelty free, it may still contain beeswax, so it’s not vegan.

This is where a lot of confusion comes into play and people buying these products often feel duped.

Rest assured that all our products are cruelty free and most are vegan!

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Different Views from the Industry on Vegan and Cruelty Free

Despite differences in vegan and cruelty free standards, purists have very strict views on cruelty free products.

Not only that these products are not tested on animals, but that they also don’t contain any animal byproducts or ingredients.

In some countries, it can be challenging to develop and manufacture cruelty free products.

As an example, laws in China regulate that products must be tested on animals first before they can be sold in the market.

Consequently, cruelty free product manufacturers in China will often outsource their animal testing to other countries.

So, although the manufacturers don’t directly harm any animals, the products themselves still harm animals.


Fake Logos to Hide Animal Testing

A Leaping Bunny is the internationally recognized symbol for cruelty free products and US-based products get PETA certification, which is also recognized internationally.

However, we still find products with a fake bunny logo, which can mislead consumers.

You should also know that although a brand is known to adopt cruelty free measures, the parent company might not do the same.

Some consumers may take a hard-line approach by not buying products from these companies.

However, by choosing cruelty free products you can contribute and help the proliferation of this niche.


Shop Carefully and Know You are Buying Vegan And Cruelty Free

To curb the ethical gaps, consumers are prioritizing their purchases towards brands and products that implement true vegan and cruelty free standards.

There are companies, like us, that implement these standards strictly and by supporting them, you can help them to grow.

They may not be able to completely replace a huge corporation, but you will definitely help them to flourish.

It will be much easier if there are valid cruelty free certifications in your local area, but in countries that don’t implement this standard well, it can be challenging for consumers.

Alternatively, various local homemade products, like ours, can help you to avoid harming animals and lead a cruelty free lifestyle.


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