Big Beauty Brands That Aren’t As Cruelty Free As You Think

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You might be surprised at how many of the big beauty brands around today still facilitate animal cruelty in order to make profit.

We find the idea of using innocent, helpless animals as little more than a piece of laboratory equipment on which to test the harmfulness of chemicals and ingredients quite frankly revolting.

All of our products are made with natural ingredients and are free from artificial substances, as well as animal cruelty. Unfortunately, the following brands seem to prioritize profit over ethics:


For a company that claims to purvey the idea of animal welfare being a ‘cornerstone’ of its business principles,

Avon has a strange way of showing it. Avon has actually had to remove claims that it didn’t use animal testing in the past due to mass complaints.

Repugnant practices such as dripping burning chemicals into the eyes of animals to assess how they would react with humans are still used to this day by Avon.

The company has also been known to rub corrosive chemicals onto the skin of rabbits and mice for up to two weeks to test for any damage to the skin of the poor creatures.

Next time the Avon lady comes to your door, remind her why you won’t be buying and why you choose from the vast range of cruelty-free alternatives out there.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret was, for many years, one of the companies that stayed true to decency by upholding a strict cruelty-free process when creating it’s products.

Sadly, the company’s moral compass was swayed by dollar signs, and it began testing on animals in order to gain entry to the lucrative Chinese market, which requires testing on animals for products to be sold there.


Maybelline, similar to Victoria’s Secret, saw enhanced profits as being worth causing unimaginable suffering to helpless animals.

Maybelline also sells into the Chinese market and is known to have facilitated practices such as packing rabbits into tiny cages, only letting them out to be cruelly experimented on.

Maybelline’s victims are often experimented on without painkillers and sadly killed after they’ve been used as test subjects.

Browse our range of cruelty-free products or inquire about our ethical guidelines by sending us a message today!  


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