Best Essential Oils For People With Dry Skin

best essential oils for people with dry skin


Almost everyone experiences dry skin at some point in their lives. Whether it be on the face or body, patches of dry skin can be irritating and painful if left untreated.

However often those with dry skin also have sensitive skin that doesn’t respond well to chemicals and artificial ingredients. As a result, the awareness and availability of natural ingredients has taken a front seat.

Essential oils have become the ingredient of choice for those suffering with dry skin due to their potent natures, penetrating deep down to leave skin looking and feeling soft once more – while also providing a delicious scent.

So what are the best essential oils for people with dry skin?


Lavender can be used on all skin types, but its healing and nourishing nature means it can also be used to treat and cleanse cuts and scrapes, while also calming down stressed skin.

As a result, it is perfect for super dry skin that needs a drink. Not irritating broken bits of skin, the lavender oil essentially soothes and quenches the leaving it soft and supple.


Lemongrass can be used in a number of ways on the skin, including an astringent and a skin toner, but of course it’s also a great moisturizer.

The soothing properties leave skin looking glowy and rejuvenated, while penetrating deep down to provide a silky smooth skin. Getting rid of dry skin in an instant, lemongrass oil will breathe new life into dry, flaky skin.

Tea tree

Tea tree has been used for hundreds of years to help the skin regain its natural glow. With natural anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, it keeps dry, broken skin clean, while also ensuring its well-nourished all day.

Highly concentrated, on top of the glorious soft skin which dazzles, you’ll also be left with a glorious smell that lasts all day.


Ideal for sensitive skin, basil oil soothes pain and inflammation, so is perfect for super dry skin. Providing a proactive layer over the skin, it nourishes deep down to leave the skin looking and feeling wonderful once more.


Rosemary boasts natural antiseptic properties so is essentially a disinfectant for the skin and hair. Known to promote a healthy, moisturized scalp, and even reverse premature graying, rosemary has been hailed by many as a wonder ingredient.

However when it comes to the skin, rosemary’s nutrients can help protect skin cells from damage often caused by the sun and free radicals. Acting as a barrier, it keeps the moisture locked in during the summer.

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