Animal Ingredients To Look Out For In Beauty Products

animal ingredients in beauty products


Most people would be shocked to find out exactly what goes into the cosmetics they buy every day.

Not many people take the time to read the huge list of ingredients found on the back of a bottle of perfume or a tub of face cream- if they do, it’s usually full of chemicals and strange sounding ingredients that they have never heard of.

This can make it hard to shop responsibly if you’re looking to stay eco-friendly and buy cruelty-free products.

Don’t worry though, we have put together a list of ingredients to look out for so you can make sure your daily beauty routine hasn’t caused any harm to animals.

Cochineal Dye

This red coloring agent is found in different types of lipsticks and blushers and has even been used in food products.

The deep red color comes from cochineal beetles that are native to areas of South America.

While the chemical sounding name might be fooling, this dye is not synthetic and is sourced from billions of beetles every year.


This crystalline additive is sourced from fish scales and has been used in beauty products for years thanks to its natural shimmer.

The next time you buy mascara or nail polish be sure to check the list of ingredients and odds are you’ll find Guanine.


Animal fat is the most common name for this cosmetic additive. It is regularly found in products such as soaps, lipstick, bases and foundations.

The process of producing tallow consists of boiling animal carcasses until it is secreted from the fat and muscles.

It is then added to products and applied to millions of faces around the world. Looking for vegan friendly soaps and products? Check out our vegan soaps, lotions, and more!



Most people will be familiar with this hormone but many will not realize that it is a key ingredient in most face creams, lotions and perfumes. The estrogen is usually extracted from the urine of pregnant horses and then added to the long list of other ingredients. Many breast cancer patients and survivors need estrogen free products, look no further than our organic soaps which are essentially estrogen free!


This strange sounding ingredient is derived from animals with a lot of fur or wool. It is essentially the same type of greasy residue that builds up on your hair if you haven't washed it in a while. Animals are often left unshorn in hot conditions to produce more of this greasy additive.


It seems that there are no depths that animals can go to escape becoming an ingredient on the back of a bottle. This waxy oil is found in the lining of whale stomachs and is collected from species around the world.

After looking at your beauty products have you found many of these ingredients in what you are currently using? Have you tried our organic vegan friendly products yet? Please share your thoughts and comments below!


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