4 Reasons To Try All Natural Laundry Soap


It’s not just our insides that can benefit from going down the natural path. All aspects of our body will reap the rewards of minimizing artificial chemicals and ingredients.

Laundry detergent is something we all use regularly, but how much attention do you pay to the ingredients it contains?

The importance of using a natural laundry soap that is kind to the environment and our skin cannot be underestimated.

It is important to note that natural laundry soap is a soap and not a detergent. The main difference between soaps and detergents is that detergents are made from synthetic sources whereas soap is made of materials found in nature.

There are also plenty of other benefits natural laundry soaps can bring, so with that in mind we’ve jotted down four reasons to try our natural laundry soap.

It’s good for sensitive skin

Anyone with sensitive skin will know what havoc some detergents can wreak on your skin.

Chemical and agents used by many manufacturers can cause eczema to flare up, result in red bumps on the skin, and of course that irritating itch that you just can’t reach.

Our natural laundry soap, however, forgoes these harsh chemicals in favor of natural ingredients that will still clean your clothes and keep your whites white!

It’s affordable

At Pure Soap, we’re not driven by profits. Instead we’re dedicated to providing exceptional quality products that will enhance people’s lives.

And this is reflected in the cost effective price of the natural laundry soap. It offers exceptional value for money for those who have lots of clothes to wash!

It’s gentle on clothes

We’ve all been there; experienced the horrifying moment of pulling out our favorite sweater from the machine, only to find it’s faded or changed color due to a rogue sock.

But as our laundry soap contains natural non-abrasive ingredients, it’s perfect for washing even the most delicate of garments in the machine, making sure they stay in good condition throughout their lifespan.

It’s ideal for the whole family

If you have a small child or baby, we know you’ll want to make sure everything that touches their skin is safe.

And you can rest assured that our all natural ingredients, including our certified organic ingredients of sunflower, safflower, coconut oils, and vegetable glycerin will keep your family’s skin soft and cared for.

If you like the sound of our all natural laundry soap, why not grab a bottle today? 


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